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Obifit Weight Loss Capsules:

Doctor Thangs Obifit Capsules helps to reduce excessive fat in the body and regulates body metabolism. Obifit Capsules indicates for Natural weight loss and helps in fighting with obesity.

Uses of Obifit Capsules:

  • Obifit Capsules delays glucose absorption – absorption of carbohydrates at GIT.
  • Obifit Capsules stimulates enzyme secretions & accelerates the metabolism.
  • Obifit Capsules reduces hunger, help burn fat particularly when eating a high-fat diet.


Each Capsule Contains

Balasamodendron Mukul 100 mg

Gymnema Sylvestre 100 mg

Crataeva Nurvala 50 mg

Tribulus Terrestris 50 mg

Zingiber Officinalis 40 mg

Neem Leaf 40 mg

Emblica Officinalis 40 mg

Terminalia Chebula 40 mg

Terminalia Bellerica 40 mg

Direction of Use

One Capsule 2 times a day before food or As Directed by Physician.



90 capsules jar pack

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