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Futura Hair Oil

Futura hair oil helps to grow hair healthy and prevents from Hair fall & Dandruff.

Futura Medicated hair oil indicated for Premature Grey Hair, Hair loss, Hair thinning, Dry hair, Brittle hair, Hair disorders, Dry Scalp, Scalp infections and Hair damage.

Benefits of Futura Medicated Hair Oil

  • Effective control of Dandruff
  • Prevents premature grey hair
  • Prevents from Hair loss and Promotes Hair growth
  • Improves blood circulation to hair follicles.
  • Provides vital nutrients for healthy hair.
  • Enriched with proven time tested medicinal herbs


Hibiscus rosasinesis (Shemberattai )

Emblica Officinalis ( Nellikai, Amla )

Eclipta alba ( Karisalanganni, Bringaraj)

Lawsonia alba ( Marutonri)

Centella asiatica ( Vallarai, Brahmi)

Azadirachta indica ( Vembu, Neem)

Boswellia glabra ( Kundrikam)

Trigonella foenumgraeceum ( Vendayam)

Sesamum indicum ( Ellu Ennai, Gingelly oil)

Cocos nucifera ( Coconut Oil)

Direction of Use

Apply on the scalp area & gently massage until completely absorbed.

Apply throughout the head, wait for half an hour and take head bath weekly twice.


External Application Oil

100 & 500 ml

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